Everyday Love Boxed Set

everyday-love-boxed-setEVERYDAY CINDERELLAS, Book 1 in the Everyday Love Short Story Series, a collection of romantic short stories

EVERYDAY CINDERELLAS is a collection of short stories about women who are just living their lives, sometimes hurt by the past, unsure love will find them. But it does…unexpectedly. These seven fictional vignettes depict the circumstances of ordinary women who believe they can find the love of their life. These feel-good, short romances spotlight a single mom, a teacher, hometown women, a nurse, and a manicurist who take a chance on the power of bonding with a man who can make them feel like Cinderella!

EVERYDAY PRINCE CHARMING, Book 2 in the Everyday Love Short Story Series, a collection of romantic short stories

To find a man who understands a woman… Isn’t this the basis of romance—a long lasting relationship and happily-ever-after? EVERYDAY PRINCE CHARMING is a collection of six short stories about men who deem honesty a virtue, who can forgive mistakes, who know how to make a vow and stay committed to their mate for a lifetime. Prince Charming isn’t merely a figment of a young girl’s imagination or an ideal handsome figure in the mist. He can be a police officer who knows the meaning of loyalty, an engineer who intends to settle down, a business owner with integrity that will carry over into his relationship, the brother of a friend who values home and family.

The men who vie for the title of EVERYDAY PRINCE CHARMING will steal your heart and coax you into believing in happily-ever-after.

EVERYDAY ROMANCE, Book 3 in the Everyday Love Short Story Series, a collection of romantic short stories

What woman doesn’t want romance in her life? Or a relationship to last a lifetime? In these romantic vignettes, women from all walks of life—from from a pet sitter to a software consultant vacationing at the beach to a college student—find that special person who can make their lives emotionally richer. Two of the short stories spotlight married women who remember why they married their “Prince Charming.”

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Toys and Baby Wishes

toys-and-baby-wishes Finding Mr. Right series, Book 5

Joshua Flannigan owns successful toy stores and is protective of the aunt who raised him. When he returns from a backpacking trip to find his aunt’s new “friend” Alexandra Kittredge helping her make major life changes, he’s suspicious of Lexa’s motives. After all, she looks more like a model than a job counselor!

Soon Josh realizes Lexa’s sincerity and compassion for others runs her life. Protective of her younger sister who is pregnant, Lexa intends to adopt Dani’s baby. But is that really the right move for both of them? Is her compassion blinding her to her sister’s actual needs? And what is the secret Lexa is keeping that will affect her life as well as Josh’s?

On Christmas Eve, Lexa and Josh find a lifetime of happiness can be just a jingle bell away!

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Falling For Her Boss

falling-for-her-boss Finding Mr. Right series, Book 4

A former ice figure skater, Francie Piccard must make a decision. Should she resume her training with the partner who betrayed her and try for a gold medal? Or should she stay on as manager of the Roller Fun roller skating rink and try to convince her new boss and owner, Noah Gordon, not to sell it?

Persuading Noah to stay in Gettysburg until Valentine’s Day isn’t as difficult as Francie expects. But is he staying because of the rink, her family’s hospitality, or the attraction between them? Should Francie hold onto an old dream or chase a new one?

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When Mom Meets Dad


Finding Mr. Right Series, Book 3

Alex Woodsides is a single dad who wants the best for his daughter. His daughter Kristy believes her father needs a wife and she needs a mom! When Kristy lets her math grade drop, she suggests Amanda Carson—her best friend’s mom who is a third grade teacher—tutor her over the summer.

She believes Mrs. Carson is the perfect mom and would make a wonderful wife for her dad.

Neither Alex nor Amanda suspect they’re being pushed together by two nine-year-old matchmakers until it’s too late. Sparks fly when they meet and keep flying as they become involved in each others lives. But Amanda has been burnt in the past by a controlling husband, and Alex gained sole custody of his daughter because her mother walked away.

Will Amanda and Alex fall for each other and the parent trap their daughters have set?

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Cassidy’s Cowboy

cassidys-cowboy-new-finalCASSIDY’S COWBOY

Book 6 in KAREN ROSE SMITH’S Search For Love Series

Never-before-published novella

Cassidy Sullivan has secrets. Her mom died when she was five and she’d never known her dad. A life in foster homes ended up with her on an icy road in a hot-wired car on her way to trouble. An accident and a kind widowed rancher took her in and taught her the meaning of unconditional love.

Last year, her twin sister Lucy (from book 4, Search For Love, ALWAYS HER COWBOY) had found her through using psychic Gillian Bradley. Now Cassie wonders if Gillian can help them find their father.
Before they can begin, Cassie meets Ben O’Donnell her foreman’s nephew. Ben is a wealthy CEO who has brought his daughter to Twin Pines Ranch to help her recover from her mother’s abandonment of them both. Since Ben spent summers on Twin Pines under his uncle’s watchful eye when he was a kid, he knows the value of ranch life. He’s hoping it will bring his daughter Julie some much-needed happiness.

Neither Ben nor Cassie count on the immediate and potent attraction between them that goes deeper than chemistry. If Cassie confides her secret to Ben, will he turn away? Even if he doesn’t, what kind of future can they have if they live a country apart?

The search for a father and true love is a lot to handle at the same time. But Cassidy Sullivan isn’t your ordinary cowgirl, and Ben O’Donnell could possibly become CASSIDY’S COWBOY

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