His Country Cinderella

his-country-cinderella-book-sizeContemporary romance about a country singer hero and a heroine who is a single mom and a waitress.

When Zane’s lips came down on hers tonight, they weren’t gentle or light.  Oh, no.  Tonight they were hungry, searching for desire to be fulfilled, searching for a response that might or might not be there.
Her body reacted as if she’d been born to respond to Zane. She enfolded her arms around his neck, and he pulled her in tighter.  His tongue slid into her mouth and her gasp of pleasure opened her up more completely to him.  He explored with a possessive need that almost made her moan.  She felt as if a low burning fire inside of her burst into flame.  She couldn’t get enough of his mouth on hers, his tongue retreating, then urging her on.  Pressed against him, she felt his arousal and a satisfaction she had long ago forgotten.
When he withdrew and pulled away, they were both breathing hard.  She was still trying to catch her breath when he said, “That was Zane the man who kissed you, not Zane Gunther the country singer.”

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